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Color Changing Rope

Magician displays a white rope, and while you are watching, suddenly and startlingly it changes to red! Easy to do! Fool your friends!


Cut And Restored Rope

The classical effect using ordinary rope that is visibly cut in half and restored, This includes rope and complete instructions for an easy miracle.


Favorite Rope Trick

Three separate ropes of various length, suddenly become all the same length! But wait! It then reverts back to the three original lengths!


Linking Ropes

Magician ties three lengths of rope into circles, and magically they link together and then fall apart with his command. Includes special rope, routines, and all you need.


Multicolor Rope Link

3 different colored ropes tied into 3 separate rings magically change into a large tri-colored ring


Prof Cheers Comedy Rope ...

Magician notices a rope hanging from his sleeve which pulls out about 12 feet until it's stuck. He finds the other end of the rope in his pant leg. He pulls that end, only to find the opposite end of his other pant leg, so he repeats pulling the ropes end. The audience will scream. Complete with rope, shorts, and instructions.


Professors Nightmare

3 ropes of 3 different lenghts magically change to 3 ropes of the same size, then back to their original different sizes.

ROPE HANK 50 FOOT Out of Stock

Rope Hank 50 Foot

Just what you need for all your rope tricks. Soft, pliable cotton rope that is easy to cut.

ROPE SPOOL 500 FOOT Out of Stock

Rope Spool 500 Foot

Just what you need for all your rope tricks. Soft, pilable cotton rope that is easy to cut.


Rope With Four Ends

Two short pieces of rope magically turn into one long piece. Then the rope grows two extra ends, becoming a rope with 4 ends. Finally a knot tied on the rope multiplies to 3 knots. Full apparatus and illustrated instructions enclosed.