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Abigail The Pirate Child ...

Black and white striped dress with pink accents and jagged skull-print hemline comes with a matching hat with feather.


Batarina Pirate Child ...

Tutu dress, glovelets, and bandana. Sword (FW8042P) only sold separately. Child Sizes: Small (4-6), Large (12-14).


Broken Doll Child Girls ...

A broken doll can be eerily sad and creepy, a perfect scary costume for your next Halloween party! Black dress with striped trim and printed stitching with a pink heart comes with a black choker, striped hair bow, and printed footless tights. Dress 100% polyester Exclusive of Decoration. Tights: 92% nylon, 8% spandex. Fits child sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14).

CAPTAIN CUTIE CHILD 10-12 Out of Stock

Captain Cutie Child 10-12

Dress, hat, boot covers, belt, and choker. Child large fits 10-12.


Caribbean Pirate Child ...

A pirate beauty! Skirt, top, sash, and bandanna. Footless tights are not included.


Caribbean Pirate Child ...

Here is the prettiest fearsome Pirate we've ever seen! Deluxe Pirate dress has a shiny lace-up black bodice with sheer pink puff sleeves and a multilayer pink and black tulle skirt, and comes with matching arm warmers and a pink head scarf. Sword (PP14111) is not included. Fits child small sizes 5-6.


Cross Eyed Carlie Child ...

Dress with layed skirt and attached furry monster hood.


Day Of The Dead Child ...

Colorful and fun! Dress with black top with flowers and bone printing has a multi-colored skirt and comes with sleevelets with bone printing, footless tights with bone printing, and colorful floral headband. child fits sizes: Small (4-6), Large (12-14).


Everlast Boxer Girl Md ...

This cute boxing costume is a sure winner! This officially licensed Everlast costume comes with tank top with attached shorts, robe, and novelty hands free boxing gloves. Shoes and socks are not included. Child size medium fits sizes 8-10.

Picture of Girl's Jigglypuff Costume Out of Stock

Girl's Jigglypuff Costume

Show off your vocals! Battle against your opponents and sing a lullaby to lull them to sleep . Dress up as your favorite Pokemon character this Halloween! Includes a pink dress with sheer sleeves, teal bow at waist and musical notes printed on skirt. Also comes with character headpiece and faux toy microphone. Shoes are not included. Available in sizes Child M (7 - 8) and Child S (4 - 6X).


Girl's Merida Classic ...

Dress up as the brave and fierce Disney Princess Merida! Your princess will be off on an epic adventure in this gorgeous Merida dress. Become the heroine from the Disney Pixar Brave movie! The Classic Disney Brave Merida costume includes a dark teal dress with gold ribbon trim, glittery tulle skirt and character cameo. Shoes are not included. © DISNEY/PIXAR


Girl's Mira Classic ...

Travel thru the magical kingdom of Jalpur to solve mysteries as the brave Mira! Your preschooler will have a magical time in this Disney Mira Royal Detective costume! Costume includes: Multi color Tunic, pants and toy necklace. Shoes not included. Available in sizes Child S (4 - 6X) and Toddler (3 - 4T).


Girl's Mulan Hero Red ...

Dress up as Hua Mulan from the Disney live-action remake of the animated film who disguises herself as a man to serve the Imperial Army. Take off on an epic adventure and display your warrior skills! This one-piece jumpsuit is designed to look like a red wrap dress with pants. The costume features wide sleeves, dragon print along the bottom of hem and has attached light beige pants. Also includes brown pleather belt. Sword and boots are not included. Available in sizes Child M (7 - 8), Child S (4 - 6X) and Toddler (3 - 4T).


Girl's Mulan Hero Red ...

Set off on an epic adventure as the courageous warrior from Disney’s live-action Mulan movie. Dress up as Hua Mulan from the Disney live-action remake of the animated film who disguises herself as a man to serve the Imperial Army. Deluxe costume includes long red jacket with attached light beige shirt, pants and brown belt with faux armored perplum that has golden dragon print on hem. Sword and boots not included.


Gnome Child Girls Cute ...

Gnome is where the heart is! Especially after seeing this cute costume inspired by the garden statues. Includes dress and hat. Leggings and boots not included. Fits toddler size: Small (24 Month-2T).


Growling Gabby Child ...

Dress with tattered skirt and attached furry monster hood and tail.


High Seas Buccaneer ...

One piece dress with attached vest, belt, bandana, and hat. Polyester. Boot tops included. Sword is not included. Fits Sizes: Medium (8-10), Large (12-14).


Pirate Child Girls ...

Peasant dress with skull patch and matching head scarf. Medium fits ages 7-10; 42"-49".


Pirate Lady Child Costume

Dress with button look front and pirate hat. Pirate sword and boots not included.

PIRATE STITCH 7 TO 10 Out of Stock

Pirate Stitch Child ...

Dress, hat with ruffles, gold trim,and plume, and ribbon arm ties. Child Fits Sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (7-10).