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Henry VIII Adult Men's ...

An elegant costume perfect for the man whose title just happens to be king! Long-sleeved tunic of deep red velvet and brocade fabrics with lace trim at sleeves comes with a faux-fur trimmed coat with golden braid. Also includes a matching hat with gold braid. Deluxe costume with rich fabrics and trims comes in a zippered hanging bag. Sword, stockings, and shoes are not included.

Picture of 10' Towering Reaper Animated Prop Out of Stock

10' Towering Reaper ...

Add a real “Wow” factor to your haunted scene with this 10-foot tall Towering Reaper Animated Prop! The mood is set with the sighing, moaning wind in the background, as well as the eerie sounds of crows cawing, cats screeching, and owls hooting. His Turning Head and Moving Jaw are highlighted by his innovative Patented Digiteyes technology (Illuminated digital eyes that appear to look around and blink at you). The Reaper has a rich, deep persuasive voice that says his haunting phrases: Phrase #1: “Hahaha welcome to the afterlife! Beware all ye who enter here.” Phrase #2: “Go ahead and live a little, it is later than you think. I will be coming for you soon enough hahaha.” Phrase #3: “Look who comes this way – and I thought I was trouble hahaha! It is almost time for me to take another soul – will it be yours?” Phrase #4: “Before you are doomed, save the last dance for me, hm? We’ll dance our way to oblivion, you and I. “ The Towering Reaper Animated Prop has a blow-molded head and hands, and his Chest Lights Up a glowing green. He has several Activation Options: Steady-on, Infra-red Sensor, or Step-here Pad. There is also a Volume Control that allows you to adjust according to your setting needs. Included is a Universal Adaptor with 4 interchangeable plugs, which works in the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia.

Picture of 36" Twisting Zombie Animated Prop Out of Stock

36" Twisting Zombie ...

The 36-inch Twisting Zombie Animated Prop looks this way and that, searching out his next victim! The Zombie's Torso Twists at the waist and his arms have a wire center so you can bend them as you like. He makes unintelligible Groaning Zombie Noises while a Moaning Wind Sound plays in the background. Simple Set-Up. Battery operated. 12 inches x 8.75 inches x 36 inches


40's Male High Flyer ...

Cropped open front jacket, faux shirt front with tie, and matching pants. One size fits most. Sunglasses are not included.

Picture of 6' Lunging Reaper DigitEye Animated Prop Out of Stock

6' Lunging Reaper ...

He always knows when your time has come! The 6-foot Lunging Reaper Animated Prop with patented Digiteye technology will add the element of surprise to your next Haunted Scene! His amazing pale eyes appear to look around, and his Mouth Moves as he says 4 scary phrases: Phrase #1: “Want to play a game of tag? If I catch you, you have to give up your soul! Aaron!! You’re faster than you look. But don’t worry, I’ll get that soul one way or another!” Phrase #2: “Do you think that you can sneak past the reaper? I always know when your time has come…Gotcha!! Hahahaha Lucky for you, it’s not your time…yet hahaha!” Phrase #3: “The living never think that their lives will come to an end, but all it takes is one touch from me – ooh hoo haha!! You have escaped my grasp…for now hahaha!” Phrase#4: “I have come to guide one of you into the afterlife. Come into my embrace and meet your fate!! Hahaha don’t worry, I will return for you soon enough!” Holding his Plastic Scythe, at the moment you least suspect, The Reaper Lunges toward you! Three activation options include Steady-On, Infra-red Sensor, or Step-Here Pad. There is also a volume control so you can adjust to your surroundings. Constructed of durable metal rods that snap together, this piece is easily assembled in less than 30 minutes. The included Universal Adapter has 4 interchangeable plugs and works in the USA, UK, Germany, and Australia.


60'S Dude Outta Sight ...

Lace-up vest with attached shirt and bell bottom pants with matching inset panels. One size fits most.


60'S Flowers Shirt Adult ...

Perfect for any '60's themed event or wherever a colorful shirt is needed. Blue and green flowered long-sleeved button front shirt. Polyester knit. Adult one size fits size (42-46).


60'S Shirt Adult One ...

Great for that perfect hippie look! Multi-colored shirt with 60's style print and long sleeves.


60s Tie Dye Shirt Adult ...

Perfect for any '60's themed event or wherever a colorful shirt is needed. Multicolored tie-dye long-sleeved button front shirt. Polyester knit. Adult one size fits sizes 42-46.


70's Funky Tuxedo Pastel ...

70's-inspired tuxedo costume featuring hat, tie, dickie, cummerbund, jacket, and pants. Adult large fits sizes 42-44.


70S Funky Tuxedo Pastel ...

70's-inspired tuxedo costume featuring hat, tie, dickie, cumberbund, jacket, and pants. Adult large fits sizes 42-44.


70S Funky Tuxedo Pastel ...

70's-inspired tuxedo costume featuring hat, tie, dickie, cumberbund, jacket, and pants. Adult large fits sizes 42-44.

Picture of 72" Dancing Santa holiday decor Christmas with Red Plush Suit Out of Stock

72" Dancing Santa ...

Here is the perfect addition to your holiday decor! Six-Foot Singing and Dancing Santa will add lots of cheer and fun to your Christmas festivities! Santa wears his traditional Red Plush Suit with white trim, matching hat, and belt with decorative buckle. His Arms, Legs, and Hips Move with the music, and his Mouth Moves as if he is singing his two different songs. ( I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town). Just push the Try Me button on the base to start the action. Plugs into any normal wall socket with the included AC adapter. No Assembly Required. Collapsible inside armature raises to bring Santa to his full height of 72 inches. Simply reverse the process for off-season storage. Complete instructions are included. Measures 72 inches tall x 26 inches wide x 21 inches deep. Caution: Do not place near an open fire or heat source like a radiator or stove. Not intended for use by children under 14 years of age.


80'S Military Jacket ...

Black Nehru jacket with gold trim and gold buttons. One size fits most adults up to size 42 jacket. About 21 inches across shoulders.


80'S New Wave Singer ...

Shirt, wig, keytar. Add your own pants! Fits mens sizes 46-48.


80'S Rocker Men's Adult ...

Zebra Stretch Pants, Sleeveless Shirt, Keyboard Belt, 2 Bandannas.


A Very Special Present ...

And what a special present it is! Jacket, pants, and gift box on elastic waist band. One size fits most.


Abraham Lincoln Adult ...

American history wouldn't be the same without this influential President! Costume includes felt stove pipe hat, beard, jacket with attached shirt front, vest and tie. Soft felt hat has wire in brim for shape. Costume is 100% polyester. Hand wash cold water, line dry. Do not bleach, do not iron. Pants not included. One size fits average adult.


Adult Black Knight ...

The story goes that The Black Knight is the final skin you could earn from Season 2 of the battle pass from Fortnite. It is pretty rare, and a good sign that you've been playing for a long time. Includes jumpsuit, bandana, shin guards, helmet pouch, belt,


Adult Drift Costume - ...

Hooded Vest, Mask