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Arab Hat Blonde

Pink veil with long blond hair. Blond


Black 19 Inches Long ...

19 inch long braids for a true rasta look. One size fits all. Elasticized lining for a snug fit. Flame retardant.


Black Beaded Twist 20 ...

Adult 20 inch long wig with long curls and colorful beads. 100% Polyester black wig. One size fits all. Wig includes an elasticized lining for a snug fit! Cleaning instructions: wipe clean. Do not wash or submerge in water.


Braided Hippie Black Wig ...

This 33 inch long wig has beads and braids just like the 60's style hippies wore. Colors: Black and Blonde.


Comic Over Sized 50's ...

Oversized 50's bouffant wig-styled hat in purple with pink bow printed on wig. Slips over entire head. Foam. One size fits most adults.


Comic Wig Behive

Oversized 60's beehive wig-styled hat in lemon yellow polyurethane foam. Slips over entire head. One size fits most adults.


Curly Lion Set New Brown

Wig and mane with ears. Brown


Dread Lock Hat Bargain ...

Inexpensive version of this style. Black.


Dreadlock 30 Inch Long ...

This is one unique wig from Cool Zombie to Rastafarian handy man this dreadlock wig will fit the bill.


Dreadlock Black At2235b

Good economy dreadlock with dreads like short cables! BLACK


Dreadlock Blonde Brown ...

Looks like the real thing! Long two-toned brown and blonde dreadlock wig. One size fits most adults.



New! Intricately braided. BLACK


Dreadlock Ii Whoop New ...

Very long and full dreadlocks. Medium Brown


Dreadlock Ii Whoop New ...

Very long and full dreadlocks. Medium Brown



Very long and full dreadlocks. Black.


Dreadlock Rainbow Braid

Fabulous new dreadlock style. RAINBOW


Dreadlock Special Rainbow

Springy, shiny and colorful curls. RAINBOW


Dredlock Wig

Rasta Farian style wig. Numerous black strands of long hanging braids.


Funny Cloth Mesh Lining ...

This quality blue wig is 100 percent polyester, with cloth mesh lining inside wig and elastic edging for added comfort. This wig also features an added design, so that the wig fits comfortably over ears, giving you a more snug fit. Adult size, one size fit most. Keep away from open flame. Washing Instructions: Soak wig using cold water only. Add a dash of mild shampoo and gently work into a lather. Rinse thoroughly in cold water. To dry, gently squeeze and shake excess water. Let drip dry. Do not brush or style wig while wet. Brush into desired style after wig is completely dry. If restyling is desired, set with hair product and rollers. Dry with warm dryer.


Indian Bargain

Popular-priced Indian wig with braids around the wig. Black